About Us

The Pithayne Farm Story

Hidden in the Blackdown Hills, Pithayne Farm is owned by Sarah Cunningham. Passionate about Vegan food and the environment, Sarah is a pioneer of all things texture and flavour, opening the first plant-based deli in Wellington, Somerset which won ‘Vegan restaurant of the year 2021’.

After Covid struck, Sarah decided to set up camp at the farm offering fresh organic produce harvested daily, plant based meat alternatives, ‘Nanny’s’ Mouth watering salad and deli classics including Scotch Eggs and Pasties, not to mention the best Vegan Ice Cream!

Pithayne Rescues

Alan and Elvis are just two of our rescue animals here at Pithayne Farm. Alan is our ex racehorse who was destined for the dog food industry after no longer being required by the racing industry. His racing name was “Cosy Tiger and won a fair bit of money during his short racing career. 

Luckily, we were able to give him a home and has been here for over six years. In that time he’s become great friends with Elvis and Nessa, our two pigs, and you’ll often see them wandering around on our track system together. 

All of our animals roam freely on the 35 acre site.